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About Us

Here at J Rock Nation we try to provide some of the best Japanese Rock resources congregated together and curated in an easy to digest format. We know from experience that finding relevant information on J Rock can sometimes be difficult. Scouring through hundreds of various sites and wadding through junk to find what you need is not something anyone enjoys.

I am an avid music lover and based in the US. I personally was introduced to Japanese Rock in the 1980s. A close friend had moved away with his family for military and moved to the States in the 80s. Upon reconnecting we both shared some of our music we enjoyed and found while separated. This was my introduction to J Rock and began a lifelong addiction of following my favorite bands while always looking for new bands and shows available close to me in the States.

For me I love that Japanese Rock offers such a variety of music within the genre, finding everything from soft rock, classic rock influences and some of the best metal across any music style. I follow most sub-genres and depending upon my mood lean towards a specific style. Lately I have been enjoying going back to the roots with some of the heavily Dylan / Hendrix and psychedelic bands from the 60s. Really enjoying The Mops, The Golden Cups, Tempters, The Dynamites and Jacks of late.

Outside of music I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing and just being in nature in general. Golf is by far my favorite sport and try to play every chance I get although one would not know watching me play as I am simply terrible.

Take a journey with me and enjoy the best of J Rock music, past and present. I will make sure to provide a variety of great music, J Rock band information, album reviews and show information.